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Why We Need Luna Lovegood

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According to the Mirriam-Webster dictionary the definition of unique is ‘being the only one; being without a like or equal; unusual.’ I like that last one.

I’ve never been one to fit in. The time I spent in public school before my mom started homeschooling me, the whole clique scene, just wasn’t my thing. I had friends, or, let’s call them acquaintances, from different groups and backgrounds. Typically when it was convenient for them (needed help with a subject or just didn’t have anyone else to talk to at that moment). I got picked on and made fun of. There’s nothing quite like kids when they don’t understand something or someone. And aren’t taught kindness and empathy at home.


I immediately fell in love with the Harry Potter books when they came out. I loved all the characters, some more than others. But none were quite like Luna Lovegood. All quirk, independence, intelligence, and one-hundred percent unique. And, most importantly, completely confident in her uniqueness.

Luna Lovegood

Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself”

She showed us, over and over again, that not only is it okay to be different, it is essential. With that uniqueness comes bravery, and kindness, and an inclination to question the status quo. To go against the grain and ask the uncomfortable questions.

How incredibly important is that?! How many times in our lives have we needed to hear that? It is absolutely necessary that we teach these qualities to our children. Both to embody and appreciate. That throughout your life being unique is something to be proud of and that being kind is something you practice every single day until it becomes innately who you are. That acceptance doesn’t have to have prerequisites. We need to show them that befriending the unique kids, the Luna Lovegoods of our world might just lead to the best and most important relationships of our lives!

Thankfully I was finally blessed to meet two fellow weirdos during the time I was in college. One became my best friend, the other became my husband. And since becoming a mom I’ve met a few more along the way. A slow journey of finding my people.

We need to make sure our children know that being the unique kid, the weirdo, the geek, is actually way more fun. We NEED more Luna Lovegoods in our world. They are the ones that will change it. For the better.

♥ GeekMama

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