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Ready to Read – Part 3

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For the final post in my Ready to Read series, I want to tell you about some of the awesome books we use alongside our reading curriculum. I love these books because of their content and my daughter loves them because they are some of the easiest she has found to read on her own as a beginning reader.

If you are a homeschool parent, I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Usborne books. If not, you’re in for a treat! Lucky for me, one of my closest friends is a rep for them. And it should be noted, she’s a pretty awesome book lady. Her info is at the end of this post!

The Books

These are in no particular order, as we love them all! Click the links to check all of them out! When you reach the Usborne website, if it asks you for an event, just click on the GeekMama Blog link.

Very First Reading

As their name implies, these books are perfect for first readers. You can purchase them individually, in a Starting to Read pack, or as a library set of 50 books! We have the library as well as a few of the individual books. These books are leveled readers, so you start at level 1 and go up as your child becomes a more confident reader. The beginner levels that come with the library are designed to read along with your child. With short, simple text for your child to read and more detailed text for you to read, it’s fun taking turns telling the story.

They use phonics methods and each book in the library series introduces new letters or reading patterns and reinforces the material from previous books. With fun stories, rhyming text, and beautiful illustrations Usborne is so well known for, these are some of the books we use the most during our reading lessons. Check out the library here. In addition, here is the Start to Read pack and the individual books.

Phonics Stories

We have Raccoon on the Moon and Other Tales, which includes six lively phonics stories in one volume. You can also get these stories, and many more, as individual books. These are perfect for reading aloud and introducing phonics. The rhyming is engaging and the stories are super fun and silly. All of these books, as well as the First Readers, have fun puzzles in the back of the book to do with your child that reinforces what was introduced in that book. Here is the combined volume we have, and you can see some of the individual books and sets here.

Lift-the-flap Word Book

This book is a great one from toddler age to first reading! It introduces new words to little ones and also helps them identify common objects. Additionally, it can be used as a fun resource to practice sight words. The book filled with tons of flaps that have to do with everyday objects, body parts, and actions. We love all the books in this series, including Lift-the-flap Colors, Shapes, ABC, and many others. Go here to see Lift-the-flap Word Book, and here for some of the others.

That’s Not My

These books aren’t technically first readers. They are board books that have always been my kid’s favorites since they were babies. But as a learning reader, my six-year-old loves reading these to her little sister. They have simple, repetitive text, fun adjectives, and corresponding illustrations that help them figure out the words. And there are SO many fun versions to choose from! That’s Not My Unicorn, Mermaid, Dragon, Panda, Fairy, and Hedgehog are some of my girl’s favorites. Check out all the awesome That’s Not My… books here!

Follow this link to check out ALL the amazing Usborne books. Again, it should have GeekMama Blog listed under the main Usborne logo. If it asks you to select an event, just click on the GeekMama Blog link! Make sure to explore all the categories on the left of the page where you can shop by subject, age, and other options.

There are so many more I haven’t listed here, there’s no way to fit all the amazing Usborne books in one post. These are just a few we have used for reading and doesn’t include all of the storybooks, picture books, and first chapter books we read regularly. In addition to all the other books we use for other subjects! Would you like to hear about more of those in future posts? Let me know which subjects you would like to learn more about!

My Usborne Book Lady

For all of the most updated information and new releases, fun content, excellent customer service, and info on how you can earn free books definitely hit up the expert Usborne book lady Heather over at Reading Pit Stop! Her email is, check out her Facebook page, and, most important, for all the best info go join her Reading Pit Stop Facebook group here!

Are you already an Usborne fan or a newbie? If you already know how awesome these books are, which are your favorites?

Thank you so much for joining me on this reading journey! I hope you’ve enjoyed following along with the resources we use to help our homeschooler learn to read! Make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already. Finally, let me know if there’s anything more you’d like to know about how we homeschool!

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