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Wookiee Cookies

Happy Star Wars Day! On May 4th my family likes to do a few fun things throughout the day to celebrate our love of Star Wars. We watch some of the movies, wear our favorite shirts, my daughter likes to dress up as Rey (this is a regular thing though, not just for today), we do some fun projects with the kids like the ones I shared with you in my post Getting Ready for Star Wars Day, and making fun treats like these Wookiee Cookies. These are perfect for Star Wars Day or any day!…

Getting Ready for Star Wars Day

  When I know a special day is quickly approaching and I want to do some fun projects with the kids, I try to plan ahead of time what we will be doing so that I have all of our materials and supplies on hand. I hate having to stop what we are doing to rush to the store, or worse, scrap the entire project because I forgot to get something. So with Star Wars Day just a few days away, here are a few activities that will make your day even more out of this…