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spiderman far from home review

My Thoughts on Spider-Man Far From Home

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Spoiler Warning! This post is a review and contains spoilers for Spider-Man Far From Home as well as some details from Avengers Endgame.

We recently went to see the newest Spider-Man film, Far From Home, and this one hit me unexpectedly in an emotional way none of the others have. As a mother. 

First, I have to say I absolutely love Tom Holland as this character. He portrays both Peter and Spider-Man so perfectly. I hope he remains in this role for a very long time. And, from what I hear, he hopes the same, so… fingers crossed!

Peter’s Grief

 Peter Parker Spiderman Far From Home

I knew Spider-man Far From Home would really dive into how Peter was coping after the loss of Tony Stark. I didn’t expect to feel so protective of him. I found it a bit tough emotionally watching him struggle with his grief, with feelings of responsibility and the guilt of not wanting that responsibility, and the desire to just be a kid. Seemingly all on his own. 

I just wanted there to be someone to comfort him, to give him advice and help him work through all of that. Someone to lift some of the weight off of him. As a mom, I wanted to help and protect him. 

After fighting and losing an intense and hugely important battle in space, as a teenager, he’s turned to dust. He then returns five years later, still a teenager, instantly helps fight another hugely important battle and win that one, only to immediately lose one of the most influential men in his young life. Yes, he’s a superhero. An Avenger nonetheless. But he’s also still a kid. And that’s a hell of a lot to process. 

spiderman far from home peter parker ironman mural

Seeing his grief over Tony also brings up all the personal emotions from that loss. I know it’s a fictional character. Don’t judge me…

Vacation Plans

Back to Peter… He thinks he’s finally getting a break. A chance to go on vacation and have fun with his friends. An opportunity to finally hang out with the girl he likes. His plan for talking to MJ is absolutely adorable. 

spiderman far from home peter and mj

MJ’s character, well, I’m not quite sure how I feel about her yet. There’s something kind of off for me there, but I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is. She does seem to be showing more personality now that she knows Peter’s identity, so I’ll hold my judgment for now. 

Deception and Illusions

I got really irritated by how intense and cold Nick Fury was toward Peter throughout the movie. The post-credit scene explained that one. A well-executed and unexpected twist.

spiderman far from home peter and quentin beck

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Jake Gyllenhall in the part of Mysterio. I knew going into the movie that he was a villain, but dang it, he made me like him anyway. Just not for long. That whole storyline and setup was executed exceptionally well. And again I’m left feeling sorry for Peter. He finally opens up to someone and that person ends up being not only a fraud but a totally messed up evil genius to boot. 


Parental Advisory: Spider-Man is one of my six year old’s favorite characters, which is understandable because he is young and so lovable. In the past, there really hasn’t been anything scary or too intense that I worried about her watching. During the warehouse scene when Mysterio has trapped Peter in a dizzying display of false reality and illusions I really could have done without the zombie Tony scene. That whole scene was stressful enough without that part and I worry it will be scary for her. I just think the whole using Peter’s grief and guilt connected to Tony against him could have been used here in a different way. Some kids may not be bothered by that type of thing, but that was just something I thought about while watching.

The Best Part
spiderman far from home peter building his suit

I love Happy’s character, especially in this one. The scene with him and Peter on the jet was my favorite from the entire film. When Peter starts designing his suit, working so fluidly with Tony’s tech, and Happy turns on the music… oh man. You Marvel fans get it. It was a thoughtful nod to the first Iron Man and an emotional way to bring Tony and Peter’s connection full circle. 

peter parker using tony's tech

He’s not the next Iron Man. But he’s a damn great Spider-Man. 

Post-Credit Scenes

The first Spider-man Far From Home post-credit scene left me all kinds of ticked off. I was still saying “how could he (Quentin Beck) do that to Peter?!” as we were leaving the theater. And not only Peter but Tony as well! I am interested to see if we hear any more from J Jonah Jameson in future films. Was it just an easter egg or could it be a hint at a multiverse? I’m personally not hating that idea.

j jonah jameson

As mentioned above, the second post-credit scene explained my frustrations with Nick Fury in this movie. Totally wasn’t expecting to see Skrulls in this movie! It also creates more questions about what is currently taking place in the MCU and builds anticipation for the next movie.

Spider-Man Far From Home wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. A few surprises, a hate-worthy villain, full of emotion and the humor we all love from our MCU. Another to add to the list that will get watched repeatedly, and that will allow you to find details you missed during previous viewings. Which is another reason I love these movies so much. 

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Have you seen Far From Home? What did you think?

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