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My Thoughts on Avengers Endgame

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SPOILER WARNING!!! This Avengers Endgame review contains MASSIVE spoilers for the movie. Please do not continue unless you have already seen the movie or you are okay knowing pretty much the entire plot. You’ve been warned…

It’s been a few days since I saw Avengers Endgame. It’s taken me a while to process everything, I’m still processing some of it. I plan to go see it again, just to see if I catch anything new and to work through some of the big emotions from the first viewing.

Avengers Endgame review
A Message of Gratitude

To Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, and Jeremy Renner: thank you. Thank you for bringing these characters to life that have so much meaning to so many people. What you have done with these characters has been nothing short of perfection and we are forever grateful we got to experience their journey through you. I’m thankful my daughter was introduced to these characters with you portraying them in a way I believe no one else could have done better. You have helped create and inspire multiple generations of superhero fans. And lucky for us we get to experience this journey over and over again through this entire collection of films.

My Review

My overall reaction: mostly tears. Lots and lots of tears. Both happy ones and ones of utter heartbreak. I don’t even know how many tissues I went through in that theater. I’ve never been so exhausted after a movie, I was emotionally spent.

I won’t dissect the entire film. Although it may seem like it here, there is a lot left out. So much happened there’s just no way. Thank goodness I have a geek for a husband, I think we have discussed every moment in detail. So I’ll stick to the events that stuck with me the most. Although maybe that’s not the correct term, because the entire movie has stuck with me. Here is my Avengers Endgame review…

The Avengers
The Movie

For the first time, we get to see what is left after the snap and how our superheroes are coping with it. And it’s as devastating as I imagined it would be. From the first scene, the emotions kick in and it doesn’t stop. The first post-snap encounter with Thanos is spectacular and devastating. But man it was satisfying to see that gauntlet, and then his head, fall. (Sorry to any Thanos fans out there.)

Nat being the one to keep everything organized and together made total sense. I feel like she has always been the glue holding everything together. The caretaker for her family. So while her sacrifice embodies exactly who she was and was precisely what a true monarch would do, man, I was gutted. Absolutely gutted. And in the one disappointment for me in the whole film, she deserved more than a bench thrown in a lake. So much more. More on that later…

black widow and hawkeye

Keeping up with the intricacies of time, space, and the details of the quantum realm was a bit confusing. But I like the whole theory and how it works. Can we give the rat a round of applause? Who would have guessed that it would be Scott Lang that came up with the idea to solve everything?!

The stone gathering sequences were either thoroughly entertaining, touching or heartbreaking. The throwback to Star-Lord’s dance moves; Professor Hulk meeting the Ancient One while temper tantruming past Hulk screws things up; Cap vs. Cap. America’s ass indeed; all great fun. Then there was Thor’s much needed heartfelt discussion with his mother; Cap seeing Peggy, his Peggy, again; Tony’s interaction with his dad; these were all very touching and important emotional pieces that would eventually help determine future events. Our new Hulk is given the task of setting everything right. He snaps, the birds start singing, Clint’s phone rings, and everything is again right in the world. But it can’t last long.

Captain America vs. Captain America

Thanos. Relentless, but undeniably smart. No one can argue his power, his intelligence, or his foresightedness. He figured it all out, and fast, at great cost to Nebula. I love how her character has developed. I was surprised at how powerful he was even with no infinity stones. While unexpected, I also knew it wouldn’t be an easy fight.

The Battle

The culmination of everything leading up to this point. This is it. Whatever it takes. We see Thor finally re-emerge with the look of a Viking and back as our god of thunder. Ironman brings the wit and wisdom, and an incredible lightning charged blast powered by Thor. But nothing touches Cap with Mjolnir. My goodness. Chills, cheers, the entire theater reacted! It was incredible!

Captain America and Mjolnir

The emotions kick in again as the portals open and everyone, EVERYONE, is there. Everyone that was lost has returned. And in force. Ready for this. From “Yimbambe” to the Iron Spider (oh Peter, it’s good to see you); from Pepper flying in as Rescue to the exchange between Dr. Strange and Tony. I can’t even list it all. It was powerful. The fighting is intense.

I’m a big Captain Marvel fan, and I knew she’d be back at some point, so I was waiting. And she did not disappoint! I don’t care what her hair looked like, she’s incredible. The scene where all the female superheroes come together was extraordinary. As a woman and a mom of daughters, I absolutely loved that. (And I’m quietly hoping it is a hint at an A-Force film in the future, fingers crossed!)

marvel girl power

Then it happens. Thanos gets the gauntlet. Everyone holds their breath. And then comes Tony. It is his gauntlet after all. He built it. He knows all the intricacies of how this one works. And he knows what will happen next. And he does it anyway. Oh, Thanos, you are not inevitable, because he is Ironman. He saves everyone. Knowing what it would cost. He knew. Dr. Strange knew. Whatever it takes. While gutted yet again, I thought I was doing okay until Pepper showed up. With her “you can rest now” I was done. He finally did it, he saved the world. And he could rest now.

Ironman on the battlefield.
A Final Goodbye and Disappointment

His memorial was touching. His speech to Pepper and Morgan via hologram was Tony through and through and heartbreaking. When everyone is outside, sending off his arc reactor into the lake, I kept waiting. I was really expecting them to include Nat here somewhere. To have something of hers to send off into the lake at the same time. To allow everyone, including us, the audience, a final, sincere, and much deserved goodbye to the two Avengers who gave up everything to save the people and the world they loved. And I was left wanting and disappointed.

Finally, after returning the stones and making everything right in the universe, Cap finally does something selfish. He gets his dance. You deserve it, Steve.

Steve Rodgers and Peggy dancing.
My Conclusion

In conclusion, other than the one big disappointment for me, the entire film was absolutely incredible. Sure there are some plot holes. However, the amount of planning and organization that went into executing this entire storyline is nothing short of amazing. To take all these individual characters and storylines and to interweave them the way they were, over 10 years and 22 films, I’m not sure we will ever see anything like this again. And I’m grateful to have witnessed all of it from the very beginning. To have fallen in love with all of these characters, to watch their beginnings, their journeys, and for some, their ending… has been a gift.

Let me know what you thought of the film and this review of Avengers Endgame in the comments! And go here to order your copy!!

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