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Game of Thrones Season One Rewatch – Recap & Review

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SPOILER WARNING! This post contains a lot of detailed information on Season One of Game of Thrones. Proceed with caution.

After finishing season eight and being somewhat… unsatisfied with the lack of a storyline and how rushed it was we decided to rewatch the series from the start. We wanted to see what foreshadowing we could pick up on, how differently we felt about the story and characters knowing how everything ends, and see how many details we missed the first time through. The following are my notes and takeaway after finishing the first season.

The Starks. I love most of them most of the time, but at times they make me want to strangle them. Ned, oh Ned, sometimes family does need to come before honor. Sometimes you need to look at the grand scheme of things and just say no, or whatever you need to say to keep yourself and your family safe. Bran, he should have listened to his mother. Sansa, could she not be such a brat? I’m not a fan of season one Sansa. I love Arya, that precious fierce girl. Robb, the ultimate big brother. The caring one and possibly the only one with any common sense. Jon, tenderhearted, full of honor, but so young and misguided. Trying to find his place, loves his siblings, but is unjustly made to feel unwanted. Catelyn, I want to like her, but something holds me back. I don’t like her treatment of Jon. Even if she believes him to be Ned’s bastard, that was never the child’s fault and he didn’t deserve to be treated the way she treated him. I also don’t understand her allowing Arya to go to Kings Landing, that was a horrible idea. The wolves are amazing. The wolves that are lost are heartbreaking.

Theon. Nothing bad to say. Yet. He seems to love his host family, but also feels out of place and doesn’t seem to have the best judgement.

The Lannisters. The only members of this family I don’t immediately dislike are the two youngest and Tyrion. I love his intelligence and use of words, not so much his use of women. Jamie garners instant disgust and distrust. While Cersei already comes off as cunning and harsh, at this point it almost seems because she is resigned to her situation and is trying to strategize for her children. At least until Robert’s death. Then we begin to see her true self emerge. As well as Joffrey’s transformation from a spoiled little twat to a psychopathic tyrant.

King Robert. He exemplifies old world kings. Drunk on power and wine. Big body, big ego, and a big sense of paranoia. He blames everything on a lost love instead of his own incompetence and ends up failing not only the people he rules, but his own family.

The Dothraki. Incredibly strong, but harsh and barbaric.

The Targaryens. I immediately want to steal away Daenerys and show that child love. But she soon discovers her power, her passion, and the beginnings of her unforgiving brutality. I was surprised at her reaction of pride and awe when Kahl Drogo promises her and their son the iron throne via taking Kings Landing, raping their women and enslaving their people on the way. Maybe it wasn’t until she started experiencing the rape and slavery of others firsthand that she developed a distaste for it. Or maybe as long as it was her Kahl leading the way it was okay, just not under her lead. I instantly hate Viserys. He is obviously not a dragon and deserved the fate he got.

The dragons. The dragons! I love and want the dragons.

All in all a lot of foreshadowing happens even so early as season one. Many of the characters are so young! It’s hard to believe this all began over 10 years ago now. And knowing some of their fates beforehand doesn’t make them any less heartbreaking. Or infuriating depending on the character.

Much of all that in-depth story is so much easier to understand the second time around. You pick up so many bits and pieces that were missed or misunderstood the first time. And the foreshadowing is really enjoyable. It’s really nice to experience the many-faceted and detailed storyline again after missing all the scheming, background conversations and strategic movements season eight left out.

Have you rewatched any of the seasons after finishing the entire series? Has there been anything you missed the first time through? Anything that surprised you?

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