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Dreaming of Fictional Worlds

A lot of people dream of places here on earth that they would like to visit. As geeks, we dream of those places as well, but we also dream of worlds only reachable through our imagination. Worlds from our favorite pieces of fiction that are incredible and magical. Some of these places we would love to visit much more than anywhere here on earth. For some of us, these fictional worlds become an escape, a refuge from the chaos, conflict or mundane of everyday life.

Lucky for us as readers and fans we get to visit these places almost any time we like. And now as parents, we get to take our children with us! How magical it is to introduce these incredible places to them for the first time. We get the opportunity to experience that first sense of wonder all over again through them!

Oh, the places I would go…

First stop: Hogwarts.

To roam those halls! To see the history and magic firsthand. Experience eating beneath a sea of floating candles in the great hall. Witness shifting staircases and have marvelously entertaining conversations with the paintings and roaming ghosts. Have a chat with Luna, and maybe Dumbledore if I’m lucky. Be a raucous Ravenclaw fan at a quidditch match! Sit in on a spells class and visit the greenhouse for an herbology lesson. Finish with a visit to Hagrid to meet all of those incredible magical creatures. And perhaps stop by the Burrow on my way home. I have a feeling Mrs. Weasley is an exceptional cook.

Hogwarts great hall
Next up: Narnia.

First, tea with Mr. Tumnus of course and then a tour of the castle by the sea at Cair Paravel. Try and find a kindly flying horse willing to give me a bird’s eye view of the rolling hills and sweeping forests. Visit Mr. and Mrs. Beaver. Maybe if I’m lucky I’d catch a glimpse of a talking tree or any of the incredible creatures within those pages. At least the nice ones. The greatest gift would be meeting Aslan himself. To be enveloped by the power, grace, and peace that would come from being in his presence.

Narnia Cair Paravel

My plan was to write about my top three, but I couldn’t choose between Wakanda and Asgard.


With it’s vast and variegated landscape. Majestic waterfalls, bustling village, and towering mountains all sitting on top of powerful vibranium. To see one of those sunsets. Visit the garden of the Heart-Shaped Herb and see the majestic animals with that vibranium running through their blood. The stunning native people in their traditional attire, just gorgeous. And their technology! To spend a day with Shuri would be incredible. It would be so much fun to get to play with all those gadgets and explore the Royal Palace.

fictional worlds Wakanda
And Asgard.

To walk the halls of the towering golden palace with all of the ancient art and magical relics within with Frigga as my guide telling me tales and sharing her wisdom. Learn of Yggdrasil and it’s nine realms. The beautiful Asgardian people that time moves so slowly for. Spend hours gazing upon the wonders of the galaxies from the observatory at the end of the Bifrost bridge, learning about all the intricacies of the universe from Heimdall.

fictional worlds Asgard

I could keep going! There is Neverland, Uriel, Naboo, Te Fiti, the Dorne coast… just to name a few more on my list. It’s really never ending because it is constantly being added to. And although I can’t visit these places physically, I am so very thankful to be able to visit them as often as I like simply by opening a book, a comic, by turning on the television or phone, or by visiting a movie theater. And in my dreams of course! I’m also grateful to have been given the great gift and responsibility of sharing all these fantastic fictional worlds with my children.

♥ GeekMama

Here is a pretty good list of fictional universes. Where would you go if you could visit anywhere? Are there any fictional worlds missing that should be added to this list?

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