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Anxiously Awaiting Endgame

This is it. Avengers Endgame releases everywhere at midnight tonight. This is the day we have been attempting to prepare ourselves for. In a way we have been preparing for it for over 10 years. We’ve binged all the MCU movies. Watched Infinity War several times. Discussed all the parts and pieces; avoided all the fan theories. And honestly, I still don’t think I’m ready!

I’ve had this problem my entire life. I get emotionally attached to characters. I think it’s just inherently part of being a geek. We love them. Hate them. Love to hate them. We talk about them as if they are real and discuss events from the story-lines as though they happen in real life. Thank God he made so many of us, because if I didn’t have other geeks to discuss this stuff with I’d think I was insane.

It’s true though, we develop relationships with these characters. We relate to them, admire them, fear them, yell at them when they do something stupid, celebrate with them through joyful events, and cry when the worst happens.

I have a feeling, oh come on let’s be real, I KNOW I’ll be crying over this one. It won’t be the first or the last time I cry over fictional characters. Regardless of whether they enter my life via paper or screen, I get absorbed into their story and attached to them as if they were real. So I’m trying to emotionally prepare myself for this. Hope for the best, expect the worst. And pack the tissues.

Are you ready? Have you been doing anything special to prepare? Make sure you check back soon. We’ll need to discuss what happens. And be there to support each other, no matter the outcome of this Endgame.

♥ GeekMama

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